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120*5 protective lens

134*3 protective lens

140*3 protective lens

150*2 protective lens

160*3 protective lens

18*2 protective lens

20*2 protective lens

20*3 protective lens

20*4 protective lens

20*5 protective lens

21.5*2 protective windows

22.35x4 protective windows for Precitec

24.9*1.5 protective windows

25.4x4 protective windows

27.9*4.1 protective windows

30*5 protective windows

30x5 protective windows

32x5 protective windows

32x6.35 protective windows

34*3 protective windows

34*5 protective lens

36*5 protective windows

37*7 protective windows

3D laser cutting nozzle fiber laser nozzleZP pipe cutting mac

3D nozzle

42x9 protective windows

45x3 protective windows

50x2 protective windows

50x8 protective windows

55x9 protective windows


Amplifier for height controller

Auto focus fiber laser cutting head

BCL-AMP Preamplifier

BM06K cutting head

BM06K Sensor connector

BM06K Sensor connector F150

BM06K Sensor connector F200

bm109 lens holder

BM110 cutting head

BM110 lens holder

BM110 Sensor connector

BM111 cutting head

BM111 Sensor connector

BM114 lens assembly

BM114 lens holder

bm115 collimating lens assembly

bm115 focusing lens holder

Bodor diameter 20.6mm ceramic ring

Bodor tube cutting ceramice ring

Booster nozzle

BS12K Sensor connector

BT210 collimating lens assembly

BT210 focusing lens holder

BT240 Sensor connector

Bullet nozzle

Ceramic ring for Bodor

Ceramic ring for Ospri

Ceramic ring for Precitec

Ceramic ring for Raytools

Ceramic ring for Trumpf

Ceramic Rings



Collimating lens and Focusing Lens

collimating lens assembly

collimating lens holder

Collimator Lens Removal tool

collimatting lens

D20 focusing lens

D28-B single/double nozzle

D28-C single /double nozzle


D28-E Hans-E single layer

D32-A standard single double nozzle

D32-B nozzle

D32-C nozzle

D37 Holder

D38.1 focusing lens

Dia 34mm ET 5mm Fiber Protective Window

Diameter 120mm ET 5mm Optics

Diameter 134mm ET 3mm Optics

Diameter 140mm ET 3mm Optics

Diameter 150mm ET 2mm Optics

Diameter 160mm ET 3mm Optics

Diameter 22.35mm ET 4mm protective window

Diameter 25.4mm ET 4MM protective window

Diameter 30mm ET 5MM protective window

Diameter 32mm ET 5mm protective window

Diameter 32mm ET 6.35mm protective window

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