Fiber Laser Lens Manufacturer
 High quality fused silica JGS1 and Corning      Good optical performance guarantee
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Professional Optical Testing Equipment
to ensure the factory quality of the lens
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Key Products

Protective Lens

Industrial lenses such as laser lenses, precision optical lenses, aspheric lenses, optical filters, reflectors, and beam splitters.

Laser Nozzle

Main brands like Raytool/ WSX/ Precitec are available. OEM and original nozzles could be provided.


Full range of focusing&collimating lens and assembly, including plano-convex, meniscus&biconvex, and aspherical lens.

Technology Leading

Research and development. With leading technical strength and strong R&D ability to meet verious needs.  

Customer Service

Efficient customer service capabilities. With rapid response, reliable technical support and solutions, to ensure timely after-sales service in place.  

Quality Assurance

Reliable quality. With high precision, high stability and long life, to meet customers' high requirements.

Cost Advantage

Our company will insist on mastering the core technology of independent R&D and production line, improving the cost performance of equipment.
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Why Choose Us

Pre-sales Service
Laser equipment always be customized for specific applications. As a professional manufacturer, we will provide detailed and comprehensive product, as well as technical consulting services to customers, according to customer needs to suggest the best equipment scheme, provide related equipment performance parameters and technical descriptions, to help customers make a wise choice. 
In-sale Service
When customers confirm to purchase products from our company, we provides a series of in-sale services, including equipment production, quality control, installation and commissioning, training and other aspects. 
After-sales Service
After-sales service is an important part provided by our company. Ensure quick response and resolution when a problem or failure occurs on the device. 

Different Locations

Sales Points All over the World

Free Transfer

We offer free transfer to buyers

Online Payments

Online payment of product costs

Customer Testimonials


The company has a strong R&D team, a skilled manufacturing team, and a professional testing team.


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Latest News

The company mainly produces industrial lenses such as laser lenses, precision optical lenses, aspheric lenses, optical filters, reflectors, and beam splitters.

  • photobank.jpg

    Why Choose Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

    Fiber laser cutting machine has a wide application. It mainly consists of the following parts:cutting head, laser cource, control system, water chiller, and so on...

    12 08 2023
  • Fiber laser cutting head (1)(1).jpg

    A shortcut to solve the focus error

    After years of development in the laser industry, there has been a relatively complete solution to the above-mentioned focus errors. The laser focus can be adjusted by manually adjusting the mechanical device on the laser head. In addition, the current laser head with automatic focusing function is relatively mature, and combined with a professional numerical control system, it can help customers solve the problem of errors in laser cutting.

    26 08 2023
  • protective windows(2).jpg

    The importance for replacing laser cutting parts and consumables

    Replacing your laser machine consumables when they show wear and tear is extremely important. It will greatly reduce working hours lost and improve how efficiently your laser cutting machine can produce a quality product.

    26 08 2023
  • 微信图片_20230819164031.png

    How to replace laser nozzle

    There are four steps to replace laser nozzle: Unloading, Cleaning, Installing, Testing

    19 08 2023
  • 微信图片_20230819163812.png

    How to replace ceramic ring

    There are four steps to replace ceramic ring : unloading, Cleaning, Installing and Testing.

    19 08 2023

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