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  • Founded in July 2017, Suzhou Zhongpan Laser is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of optical lenses. The company has a strong R&D team, a skilled manufacturing team, and a professional testing team.

  • The company mainly produces industrial lenses such as laser lenses, precision optical lenses, aspheric lenses, optical filters, reflectors, and beam splitters. The company is particularly good at high-power laser lenses.

  • From 2019 to 2022, the total investment of Suzhou Zhongpan Laser has reached 20 million yuan in 4 years, and it has successively introduced advanced production and processing equipment at home and abroad. The main equipment includes: high-end imported optical coating machines, imported grinding and polishing machines, cutting machine, inner circle cutting machine, rounding machine, milling machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, etc. It provides a solid foundation for the processing and production of high-precision products. In 2023, the total sales are expected to be 15 million US dollars.
Our History


ZPLASER established, 0.5 million dollors sales, 6 employees


Branch established, 6million dollors sales, 40 employees


9 million dollors sales, 
60 employees

Why Choose Us

Pre-sales Service
Laser equipment always be customized for specific applications. As a professional manufacturer, we will provide detailed and comprehensive product, as well as technical consulting services to customers, according to customer needs to suggest the best equipment scheme, provide related equipment performance parameters and technical descriptions, to help customers make a wise choice. 
In-sale Service
When customers confirm to purchase products from our company, we provides a series of in-sale services, including equipment production, quality control, installation and commissioning, training and other aspects. 
After-sales Service
After-sales service is an important part provided by our company. Ensure quick response and resolution when a problem or failure occurs on the device. 
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