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Technology Leading

Research and development. With leading technical strength and strong R&D ability to meet verious needs.
Equipments and talents. With donation of high-quality engineers and professional researchers, we always focus on technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

Quality Assurance

Reliable quality. With high precision, high stability and long life, to meet customers' high requirements .
Quality control and assurance. With professional procurement, production and after-sales service, to ensure complete set of quality management programs.

Customer Service

Efficient customer service capabilities. With rapid response, reliable technical support and solutions, to ensure timely after-sales service in place.
Comprehensive customer files. With timely following up customer needs and feedback, to establish a long-term friendly partnership with every customer.

Cost Advantage

More competitive. According to the needs of customers and market demand, our company will insist on mastering the core technology of independent R&D and production line, improving the cost performance of equipment, reducing production costs to enhence market competitivness.


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Pre-sales Service
Laser equipment always be customized for specific applications. As a professional manufacturer, we will provide detailed and comprehensive product, as well as technical consulting services to customers, according to customer needs to suggest the best equipment scheme, provide related equipment performance parameters and technical descriptions, to help customers make a wise choice. In addition, in terms of product display, technical exchange, equipment demonstration and other aspects, we also provide perfect display and demonstration equipment to facilitate customers to carry out field trips and use experience.
In-sale Service
When customers confirm to purchase products from our company, we provides a series of in-sale services, including equipment production, quality control, installation and commissioning, training and other aspects. Laser equipment usually has a complex operation and debugging process, so we have professional after-sales service personnel to assist customers to operate the equipment, and provide relevant technical training and operational guidance, so that users can quickly master the operation skills of the equipment, give full play to the performance of the equipment, improve the use efficiency and production efficiency of the equipment.
After-sales Service
After-sales service is an important part provided by our company. Ensure quick response and resolution when a problem or failure occurs on the device. Laser equipment usually needs regular maintenance and upgrade, we will provide a complete equipment maintenance and upgrade plan, timely providing relevant spare parts and repair services. At the same time, our company has a perfect after-sales service guarantee system, providing 24 hours uninterrupted technical support and service hotline, timely solve the problems encountered by customers.

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