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How to replace ceramic ring

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1. Replacing a ceramic ring on a laser cutter requires the following tools

Gloves and goggles for safety

Wrenches, ground hammers and hammers are used to assist in opening the device

New ceramic rings and related accessories, such as O-rings, etc.

2. How to replace  ceramic ring


Veryfy that the cutter is turned off and brought to a safe stop. Remove the old ceramic ring. This may require a greater effort as the old ring may stick to the machine.


Clean up the machine, especially where the ceramic ring is installed. Be very careful not to get any foreign matter inside the machine.


Install the new ceramic ring. Make sure the ring is positioned exactly so you can capture the desired shape of the flash. Install any associated accessories such as O-rings to ensure optimum performance.


Restart the cutter to make sure the ceramic ring is installed correct

3. Precautions

Be sure to wear gloves and goggles when replacing the ceramic ring to ensure safety.

Please be careful not to let any impurities enter the inside of the machine when replacing the ceramic ring.

If you are not familiar with the cutting machine, please refer to the operation manual and seek professional help.

Make sure to use the correct accessories such as O-rings etc. to ensure the best performance.

Overall, replacing ceramic rings on a laser cutting machine can extend the life and performance of the machine. Be sure to follow the steps above, paying special attention to security issues.

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