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How to replace laser nozzle

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1. Tools to be prepared.


Dustless cloth

Anhydrous alcohol with a concentration of over 98%

Dust free cotton swab

New laser nozzle

2.  How to reprace the laser nozzle


Turn off all power of the laser cutting machine and disconnect the power plug to ensure safe operation. Open the machine panel of the laser cutting machine, find the nozzle, and remove the buckle or fixing screw of the original nozzle. Gently rotate the original nozzle with a wrench or other tools, unscrew it counterclockwise, and take out the original nozzle.


Clean dust and grime from and around the nozzle base with a paper towel or cotton swab.


Take out the new nozzle and check whether it is consistent with the type and caliber of the nozzle required by the laser cutting machine. Insert the new tip into the nozzle seat and turn counterclockwise until the nozzle is fully seated.

According to the way of the original nozzle, fix the buckle of the new nozzle or screw on the fixing screw to ensure that the new nozzle is firmly and stably fixed on the nozzle.


After replacing the nozzle, a test is required to ensure that the new nozzle is functioning properly.

First turn on the power of the laser cutting machine and start the machine.

Clean out the pipe on the nozzle line, and discharge the gas in the pipe to ensure that the air passage is unblocked.

Switch to cutting practice mode, set parameters according to standard procedures, and conduct cutting tests.

3. Precaution

When disassembling the nozzle, ensure that the power is completely disconnected

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